We’ve been hard at work to deliver better a experience for you, and we are excited to share with you our new product improvements.

Improved messaging

We’ve released a fresh new design of our messaging tool with a bunch of awesome features! 

Star messages for its importance

Mark important influencer messages with a star, so you can easily find them later 

Mark messages as unread

Messages directed to another team member that you have accidentally opened, or that you want to respond to later are no longer an issue, you can mark it as unread again to ensure it isn’t missed.

Bulk select and mark as unread or starred

We have introduced the functionality for selecting multiple messages to star or mark them as unread :)

Filter messages quickly

You can now you can filter your messages by status, making it easier to find specific messages within a long list of influencer conversations.

Upload multiple attachments

Sending multiple attachments to influencer messages is no longer an issue, you can now attach as many as you like :)

Delivered and seen message tracking

We’ve introduced tracking of messages sent to influencers, so you will be able to see if your message has been delivered or seen by the influencer.

Search for influencer messages

You no longer need to scroll through all messages to find a specific influencer conversation, you can now simply search your entire inbox by creator name. 

We are not done yet, there are still plenty more surprises to come this year :)!

You will receive email notifications when you have a new message from an influencer. You will also receive weekly campaign updates on your active campaigns. The update will include new posts, newly accepted influencers and influencers that have accepted after the 24 hour time frame. 

We are so happy to roll this out and we hope that you are as excited as we are.

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