When you receive a collaboration offer from a brand you must complete all of your  'Payment details' in the 'My account' tab. 

Your payment will be sent to you from Brandnew so ensure that ALL of your details are completed to avoid any delays with your payment. The details needed are described below.

Once you’ve made all posts for a campaign, the brand will approve and generate your payment. You will receive an email when your payment has been generated. After that please allow some time for bank processing.

Once you have been paid you can download your invoice receipt from you Brandnew profile.

Transfers are made using Transferwise and normal bank transactions in the agreed currency from the campaign.

Note that transfers will not be made in your local currency and Brandnew accepts no responsibility for currency conversion or bank charges.

Important: Please make sure to agree all payments within the Brandnew system. We will not guarantee any payments that are not on record on our system.

Payment details

Select your legal type, currency and country from the drop down menus.

Once you have selected your currency you will be able to input your bank account details.

If your currency is GBP then you will be able to select your account type from the drop down menu. 

Please ensure that you choose the correct tax classification from the drop down menu.

If you have any questions/queries please use the small chat button on the lower right of this page.

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