Connecting your social media profiles will increase your chances of receiving collaboration offers from brands and allow you to make full use of Brandnew’s services.

Why authorize your Instagram?

  • Your profile will gain higher exposure by appearing to brands as a featured Brandnew creator.
  • You will gain access to your Instagram analytics which can be used to increase your following.
  • We will provide yourself and brands with up to date information and statistics regarding your Instagram account.

Note that authorizing your Instagram account does not allow access to any sensitive information such as your password, or allow anyone to control your account on your behalf.

How to connect your social media

To connect your social media profiles log in and click 'Connect' next to the social media profiles that you would like brands to see and collaborate with.

You will be directed to each social media provider and asked to authorize your account.

Once you have connected your accounts then it will say 'Authorized' next to each profile.

Once you have attached your social media profiles it will take a few days to pull your follower/subscriber number from your accounts.

If you have any questions about this then please contact

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