Once you have successfully logged in as a Creator you will be taken to your dashboard. From here click on the ‘My Account’ tab to complete your details in full.

My profile

Fill in your first and last name, capitalising each word and select your date of birth, country and city. 

The 'About me' section will appear in your profile as your bio for brands to read. Brands can also search for creators by words that appear in your bio so it could be good to include any specific interests you may have. For example: 'DIY' or 'Vegan' etc.

Payment details

To find out more about inputting your payment details click here

Social Networks

To find out about adding your social networks click here

Account settings

If you have been given a temporary password then you can change it to something more secure and memorable by click on 'account settings' and following the instructions provided.

If you have any questions then please contact support@brandnew.io

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