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Once you have successfully logged in as a Creator you will be taken to your dashboard. From here click on the ‘My Account’ tab to complete your details in full.

The red stars indicate the important fields. These stars do not disappear once you have filled out and saved your information.

Personal Details

Fill in your first and last name, capitalising each word and select your date of birth, gender and tax classification from the drop down menu.

Tax classification

In order to create an invoice for your payment, we need to know which tax class you belong to. The options are:

  • Private person
  • Small business (with annual revenue below 17,500 EUR) in Germany
  • Business (with annual revenue above 17,500 EUR) in Germany
  • Business in EU
  • Business outside of EU

Shipping Address

We require your shipping address so that if you take part in any gifting campaigns your address is readily available for brands to send you your products straight away.

Payment Details

Brandnew is completely free for you, these payment details are required simply so that we can send you your payment once you have taken part in a campaign. Filling in these details when first logging in ensures you avoid any payment delays.

Select your currency from the drop down box and fill in your account details and address.

It is important to include your country and city so that can search for  creators by geographical location.

If you have selected GBP you can change the ‘Account Type’ by clicking on the drop down menu.

Invoicing Details
We require your full address and Tax ID Number to create an invoice for your payment.

Tax ID number

If you are a private person, you do not need to provide a tax number.

If you are a business, you must provide a tax number, also known as a VAT number or TIN number.

If you are a Business (with annual revenue above 17,500 EUR) in Germany, you must provide a tax number (Steuernummer) in the format DE123456789.

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