When you receive a campaign offer you will be notified via email and can then log into your account to review the offer.

Find Campaign offers

Navigate to the Campaigns tab. If you have an offer, it will be listed here with a brief and posting instructions. You can decide to either accept or decline any offer.

If you haven’t received a campaign offer yet, this page will be blank.

Accepting a campaign

Campaign offers are guaranteed for 24 hours, so be sure to accept within this time to secure your place. You can still respond after 24 hours, however, the brand may decide not to work with you. We will let you know via email if the campaign is confirmed or not.
Once you accept a campaign, you will be prompted to choose dates to make your posts for the campaign.
On your dashboard, you can see a summary of the campaign with a reminder of your posting dates.

Posting Instructions

To find the posting instructions for a campaign, head to your Campaigns tab at any time and select the Active tab.
Click on Posting Instructions.

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