There are three stages to customising the theme of your Brandnew account:

  1. Domain delegation
  2. Brand theme settings
  3. Email settings

Stage 1: Domain delegation

The first thing you must do in order to set up your account is setup your custom domain. This is the domain that you will use to access the platform. You must already own the domain name, we do not assist with the purchase of domains.

i) Choose your domain

Example: or

ii) Next you need to setup the domain delegation in your server

Domain delegation:

CNAME DNS record that will point to 

iii) Provide us with your chosen delegated domain and we will save on our side

If you do not own a domain, we can create a subdomain for you in the format

Stage 2: Brand theme settings

Once you have setup your domain, we will give you access to Theme settings so that you can create your brand settings.

i) Login and open Theme settings


ii) Set your Company name and Short company name

Company name will appear as your sender name in emails. It will also appear in the copyright at the foot of the platform pages.

Short company name is a shortened version of your name that will appear in certain emails.

iii) Upload your Brand logo and Favicon.

Brand logo

Format: PNG only

Dimensions: Logo will display as 132 X 40 pixels


Format: PNG or ICO only

Dimensions: Max 128 X 128 pixels

The favicon is the small icon that appears on the website tab in the browser.

iv) Set your brand colours. You can input a hex code or choose a colour from the palette.

Primary brand colour

This is the colour of buttons and main font colour

Mouse over link style

This is the colour that a button will change to when the mouse hovers over.


Background colour

This will be the colour of the top navigation bar

Font colour

This will be the colour of the font on the navigation bar

Selected style:

Background colour and font colour when something is selected or the mouse hovers over

Stage 3: Email settings

The last stage is to adjust your email settings. All internal communication emails will contain your settings, e.g. reset password and download emails.

i) Set the email domain

The email domain will appear as the sender email address. Do not include the @ symbol in this field.

ii) Setup your email signature

There are two options to create your email signature:

  1. Customise the existing template elements
  2. Create a basic Haml signature

Customise the existing template elements:

You have the options to edit or remove the following elements:

  • Text
  • Links
  • Contact details
  • Background colour
  • Logo

Let your Success Manager know which elements you would like to update and we will prepare the signature for you. 

Create a basic Haml signature:

If you would like to have a completely different footer/ signature you can use your own basic Haml signature. Your Success Manager will consult the Tech Department.

Important last step

Save the settings. The changes will preview within the Theme settings but you must save to apply the settings to your account.

Once you have saved the changes you should logout and login again via your custom domain. In order for your theme to function correctly, you must always access the platform via your custom URL.


  • Setup your domain delegation
  • Provide us with your domain
  • Update theme settings
  • Tell us which elements of the email footer to edit OR create own Haml code signature
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