If you identify a content creator you would like to work with who is not on the Brandnew network, you can simply onboard them yourself.

Step 1: Go to the ‘Creator search’ tab and select ‘Onboard Creators’ from the dropdown list:

Step 2: Copy the link provided 

Step 3: Get in touch with the creators you would like to work with and include the link. You can usually find their contact email on their social channels. The creators will be directed through the link to set up a profile with Brandnew. You can find out more about creator profiles here.

Step 4: Once a profile is set up, it will be available in the network. Please note that social stats can take up to 24 hours to update and monthly profile stats will take 30 days.

The creator profiles will automatically appear in your “My influencers” group.

If you would like to add creators in bulk, contact us at support@brandnew.io


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