Now you are able to import the creators yourself. This can make our process quicker and more effective. 

The process is quite similar to what we have been managing. 

You would need to simply click on creator search>Onboard creators>Add creators in bulk

Once there, just click on the button Download the CSV template.

The import document CSV will be downloaded for you.

In order to fill up successfully this sheet, the next fields are mandatory to be filled: 

  • Contact Email 
  • First Name 
  • Last Name  (if not existent, just fill it with a dash "-")
  • Sex 
  • Instagram User Name 
  • Keywords You can use the following: (Architecture, Art & Design, Automotive, Cosmetics, Electronics, Entertainment, Family, Fashion, Food, Gaming, Health & Fitness, Interior Design, Lifestyle, Luxury, Mom, Music & Dance, Nature, Nightlife, Novelty, Pets, Photography, Sports, Travel, Urban Wedding Youth) >>> Although the most popular hashtags are: Lifestyle, Mom, Food, Travel and Photography

Once you've filled up, you just need to update it and the import will be made immediately. Just click on the “start button”:

And then you will be able to import your CSV file:

Please note that the audiences will be available approx. 2 hours after the upload has been made.

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