There are two different stages at which you can begin communication with creators:

  •  During the search stage*
  •  Within a campaign.

To begin communication with creators either during the search stage or within a campaign (from the Creator negotiations page), select your chosen creator’s card and click ‘Direct message’ to begin a messaging thread:

*It is important to note that creator response rates may be lower if you choose to message them directly without inviting them to a campaign first. Many content creators receive a huge volume of requests to collaborate and may not respond unless a concrete campaign offer has been made. As such, we would recommend messaging creators after they have been invited to a campaign, where possible.

All creator messaging threads are stored in the messaging centre. This is accessed through the messaging symbol on the navigation bar:


Your active campaigns will be listed on the left hand side of the page. Click into each campaign to view open conversation threads with creators:

When you send a message to a creator they will receive an email notification containing your message. It will also appear in their messaging centre on their profile.

When a creator messages you, you will see the following message notification in the right hand corner:

You will also receive an email notifying you that you have received a message. You can also respond to the creator message by replying directly to the email notification.

The messaging feature can also be used for pre-approval of creator content.

Creators can simply message you their images in advance of posting using the attachment feature:


If your campaign involves pre-approval of video content, the creator can simply copy and paste a private url link into the thread for you to take a look at before they post it live from their channel.

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