Once you have invited a creator to a campaign, you can monitor their response on the Creator negotiations page.

Invite statuses

Offer accepted
When a creator accepts the invite, their creator card will read ‘Offer Accepted’.

Offer denied
When a creator declines the invite, their profile card will read ‘Offer Denied’.

There are a number of reasons why creators may decline an offer: the compensation, schedule conflicts or they do not have an affinity for your brand or product. 

If you would really like to work with the creator, we suggest messaging them to open a negotiation dialogue. 

Invite sent
When a creator has not yet responded to the invite, their card will read ‘Invite sent’. It will also display a timestamp to let you know how long it has been since the invite was sent.

Willing to participate
To encourage timely responses from creators, there is a 24 hour deadline on campaign offers. If the creator is still interested after the 24 hours has passed, the decision is then up to you, the advertiser, to accept or decline the creator after this timeframe.

This way of working allows you to invite replacements when needed without overspending.

Once invited, creators will fall under one of the four categories listed at the top of the Creator negotiations page: Accepted, Invited, Willing, or Declined.

You can view all creators invited to the campaign, or just a particular category, e.g. ‘Accepted’

Edit offers

If you have negotiated with a creator, you can update the payment and edit the number of posts required.

1 . Click on Offered price / post

2. Update the price per post and/or the number of posts.

3. Click Submit.

4. The creator’s offer will be updated on their account.

 Budget overview

You can track your budget in the bar in the top left of your campaign. Hover over the bar to see the amount spent.

Once an invite is sent, the offer amount is earmarked and counted as spent budget.

If an offer expires, the amount will no longer be counted as spent budget.

If you accept an expired offer, the offer amount will be deducted from your budget.

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