The Creator content page displays the content for Instagram, YouTube and blog campaigns.

Approving or rejecting content

If a post has followed the campaign posting instructions, click the green ‘Approve Post’ button.

Step 1: Click into the thumbnail to view the content. For blog content, click the link.
Step 2: Approve or reject the post

In the rare case that a creator post is not in line with the campaign brief, you can click the red ‘Reject Post’ button. You will then be directed to a messaging thread with the creator, where you can explain why the post was rejected, and how they should amend it and/or repost.

We strongly recommend that you message the creator first to discuss the problem and possible solutions before rejecting the post.


Approving content for Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat campaigns

Currently, we don't support in-platform content approval for Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat campaigns.

For these campaigns, once you are happy that all content has been posted as required, you can simply generate the creator’s payment by clicking on the yellow button.

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