Exporting a Creator Group

Exporting a creator group can be useful for sharing your creator selection with your wider team or clients during the initial stages of a campaign set up.

To export your creator group as a PDF or CSV file, go to the Creator groups page.

Click the settings icon on your creator group of choice, and choose ‘Export as PDF’ or ‘Export as CSV’ from the drop down menu.


Exporting a Campaign Report

To generate a PDF or CSV file of Instagram campaign results, go the reporting page of your campaign.

Click ‘Export data’ and then choose ‘Export as PDF’ or ‘Export as CSV’ from the dropdown menu.

The report will then be sent to your email address.

You can export Instagram campaign results at any stage during the campaign, however this is usually done once the campaign is finished and all content has been posted.

Tip: Exporting results is available for Instagram campaigns only. To share results from blog or YouTube campaigns in external reports, simply take a screenshot. 

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