With URL/link tracking creators can direct their audience to a campaign landing page and you can measure the link's performance. Link tracking will gather individual link analytics and audience insights.

Note: Links can be tracked for YouTube and blog campaigns only

How are campaign links tracked?

Campaign links are tracked using a Google Analytics integration. Connect your Google Analytics account with the Brandnew platform to work more efficiently and measure the impact that creators have on your business.

How are campaign links generated?

To create tracking links in the campaign brief, enter your Google Analytics tracking ID and the landing page/ website that you would like to direct to.

Individual links will be automatically created using UTM parameters and provided to the creators on the posting instructions page on their account. 

Please note: The link you provide, must be the URL connected to you Google Analytics account and tracking ID, to ensure it can be tracked.

Here is how it will appear to creators in the posting instructions;

Where to find your tracking ID

Log into your Google Analytics account and go to Admin > Property settings.

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