How are Instagram campaigns tracked?

There are two elements that are tracked for Instagram campaigns: hashtags and the brand Instagram account

Both are required when running Instagram campaigns.

Campaign tracking hashtags

Campaign content is tracked automatically by the hashtags specified in the brief. Both creator and non-creator posts (commonly known as user-generated content or UGC) created during the campaign and tagged with the hashtags are tracked. The results are displayed on the report dashboard.

Note: Posts will be only be tracked for the period between the start and end date set in the brief. Please make sure your start and end date are always accurate and updated to avoid issues with tracking.

If you wish to track more than one hashtag, separate the hashtags with commas. Do not include the # symbol.

Choosing a campaign hashtag

In order for results to be the most accurate for your campaign, it is highly recommended to use a hashtag that is original or unique. Tracking very popular hashtags will dilute and corrupt your results. Before creating a brief, you should check on Instagram how many existing posts there are for the intended campaign hashtag. It is recommended to select a hashtag that has less than 1,000 existing posts.

Certain hashtags are blocked for this reason. Find out more here.

Brand account username

Here, you should enter the name of the brand Instagram account that should be tracked for the campaign. Write the username without the URL or the @ symbol, e.g brandnewio. 

Please write your Instagram username in lowercase only.

Only one brand account can be tracked per campaign.

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