The campaign brief lets creators know who your brand is, what you would like to achieve with the campaign and how you would like to achieve it. Briefs should be detailed, written in clear simple language and be engaging for creators.

Campaign name

Give your campaign a name. This should be something attractive to creators – keep it short and catchy.

You do not need to include the brand name in the campaign name, as it will be displayed to creators from the Brand field in the brief.

Note: Campaign names must be unique within your organisation to avoid confusion between campaigns.


The budget must be entered in the brief. You can select a currency of USD, EUR or GBP.

Campaign budgets are billed separately to subscription payments and are invoiced on a per campaign basis. Before launching a campaign, you will be invoiced for the full amount of the budget. If, for any reason, you do not spend the total budget amount defined in the brief you can choose to have your account credited or have the remaining amount refunded. If a creator does not make a post as planned and you cannot resolve the issue before the campaign ends, this will count as unspent budget.

Campaign theme image & brand logo

These images give the campaign brief a visual element in the view for creators.

Campaign description

In the campaign description you should give a short introduction to your brand and a brief background of the campaign. There is no need to give too much information, simply cover the main points about the aim of the campaign. Use an enthusiastic tone to engage creators.

Tip: If you need a larger view of the text box, click on the bottom right corner and drag the box down.

Instructions for creators

In the instructions, you should give a clear and detailed overview of what the creators are required to do. We recommend breaking this down into bullet or numbered points.

We also strongly recommended that you adhere to advertising regulations in your country and instruct creators to disclose their sponsored posts. Creators can use hashtags such as #sponsored, #ad or a disclaimer such as “I’m proud to partner with Your brand “.

If you would like to pre-approve or review content before it goes live, you should also include that in the instructions along with content submission deadlines.

Inspiration images 

Upload any mood images as a guide or for inspiration.

Start and end date

It is important to carefully consider the start and end date of your campaign, this is the campaign period. The campaign period defines the dates that creators will post and also the tracking period for Instagram campaigns.

Creator posting dates – creators will select their posting dates between the start and end date set in the brief.

Campaign tracking – Instagram, YouTube and blog campaigns are tracked between the start and end date set in the brief. Tracking will stop at the end date. Any creator posts made after the end date will not be tracked.

Editing the start and end date

The start and end date is the only aspect of the brief that can be edited once the campaign has been activated. Please update the end date so that it is always before the last creator post is due to go live. You will receive an email reminder two days before the end date of a campaign.


Content pre-approval

If you wish to pre-approve or review creator content before it goes live on their social channels, check the box for Content pre-approval.

Each creator invited to your campaign will receive a notification to submit their content via messaging and await your confirmation before they post.

You should also outline in the instructions, that content require pre-approval and any deadlines for content submission.

Social network

Select the social network for the campaign.

Read more about Instagram, YouTube and blog campaigns and campaign their tracking capabilities.

Activating a campaign

Once you move to the next step after the brief, it is not possible to make changes*. If you are unsure of some details, save the draft for later and move forward when you have everything confirmed.

*Only the end date can be edited at any stage during the campaign.

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